Utah Students Connect



Utah Students Connect is a consortium of school districts including, Jordan School District, that provides courses through an online platform. Utah Students Connect is a great option for students to take online courses outside of school.



If you are interested in taking online courses through Utah Students Connect your counselor must register you for the class.   If you would like to register for an online course the necessary paperwork must be completed and signed by student and parent. You can download the paperwork here or get a copy from the counseling center. Return the paperwork to your OHMS counselor and they will register you for the course. You will receive instructions and communication via email for how to get started with your online learning.


Registration for online summer courses either for original credit or credit recovery will be available in May.

Any school that is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission may award credits that will be recognized by JSD. There are many other online options that students may use, just make sure they are accredited so that the credit will transfer to your high school graduation requirements.