Summer Courses

Online classes through Utah Students Connect is a consortium of school districts including, Jordan School District, that provides courses through an online platform. is a great option for students to take online courses. (read more)



  Failed classes – Now what?


As a 9th grade student you are earning credits towards high school graduation. If you fail a class as a 9th grade student you could potentially be off track for graduation! Core classes are required for graduation and have to be made up. Core classes are Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. If you failed PST (9th grade gym) or Computer Technology you will need to make these classes up as well, they are required for graduation. If you failed an elective course such as; Art, CTE, or Foreign Language, you may not be required to take a make-up class, but it depends on your plans for high school course selection. TALK WITH YOUR COUNSELOR IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF YOU NEED TO TAKE MAKE-UP COURSES. CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR COUNSELOR. 
These classes are required for graduation.
In order to get back on track to graduate you need to make up the course(s) that were failed. There are different options available to make up courses.