Registration FAQ


If you did not receive one or may have lost your card come to the counseling center to get a new one or on the counseling center website.

  • When will I get my schedule?
    • Students will receive their schedules a few weeks before school starts in August in Skyward
  • Do I need a teacher’s signature to register for classes?
    • Yes & No. Classes with a _____ next to the course name are required to be signed by the teacher who instructs that course or the current teacher.
  • Can I change my schedule?
    • Only necessary class changes are made. If you feel that there may be something wrong or incorrect with your schedule (i.e.a core/required class is missing, no class is assigned a period, in an incorrect grade level course), please contact your counselor.
  • Can I change my class period to be with my friend?
    • No. Only necessary class changes are made.
  • Can I change my class period to have a different lunch?
    • No. Only necessary class changes are made.
  • Can I change my class because I like another teacher better?
    • No. Only necessary class changes are made.
  • Where do I turn in my peer tutoring or student aide application?
    • Staple them to your registration card or bring them to the counseling center.
  • Does music count as an elective?
    • Yes. Music does count as one of your full-year electives.
  • Does a foreign language count as an elective?
    • Yes. A foreign language does count as a full-year elective.
  • Do I have to take a reading class?
    • For information about reading placement please see your ELA/English teacher.
  • What if I am not coming to OHMS next year?
    • Please fill out the registration forms anyway. This is so that we have your class selections in case something changes. Also, contact the school you will be attending to find out their procedures for choosing classes for the upcoming school year.
  • What do I need to do if I want to opt-out of a class?
    • Please talk to your counselor if you want more information on opting out of a class.
  • As a 9th grader can I opt-out of a class?
    • No. As a 9th grader, you cannot opt-out of a required course.
  • Where can I find out more information about taking an online summer class?
    • Speak with your counselor in May to register.
  • I want to take honors classes, what do I need to do?
    • All honors classes are self-selected (no application is necessary).  Speak with your classroom teacher and your counselor to help determine if taking an honors class is right for you.
  • What classes meet the Digital Studies Requirement?
    • Exploring Computer Science, Business Office Specialist, Computer Programming, AP Computer Science, and Web Development

Where can I find more information about virtual schooling?

Kelsey Peak Virtual Middle School Kings Peak Virtual High School