Credit Recovery



Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the credit recovery options for this summer at Valley High School will be on-line for students to complete at home.

  • Registration, enrollment forms, and payment will be on-line. Please go to for the easiest access to all of the registration forms.
  • Arena scheduling will be used to schedule classes. Please use the deficiency letter from your student’s counselor to guide your class selection. All responsibility to enroll in the correct classes is on the student/parent/guardian. 
  • The session dates for school will remain the same (see below).
  • All classes taught by JSD teachers using Canvas.
  • Students must log in each day of the summer school session using their email.
  • Please keep the Chromebook issued to you by your traditional school to use for summer school this year. Notify your school to let them know you are keeping it until the fall.
  • Report cards are mailed 2 weeks after the session to the address provided at registration.
Session 1:    June 15th – July 2nd
Session 2:   July 13th – July 31st

First Session Info : (you must register for each separately)

  •  Jordan District Only Registration Dates: May 18th – May 25th
  • Out of District students & JSD: May 26th – June 4th
  • School Day: Monday through Friday, June 15th – July 2nd (14 school days)

Second Session Info: (you must register for each separately)

  • Jordan District Only Registration Dates: June 29th – July 5th
  • Out of District students & JSD: July 5th – July 9th
  • School Day: Monday through Friday, July 13th – July 31st (14 school days)
  • No school on Friday, July 24th.



  • The registration fee is $45 plus $35 per class.
  • Fee waivers are accepted this year for JSD students who already have an approved fee waiver for the 2019-20 school year. Payment will be online with a debit or credit card.


Courses you can register for: Language Arts • Geography for Life • World Civilizations • U.S. History • U.S. Government • Secondary Math 1 • Secondary Math 2 • Secondary Math 3 • Health • Life Fitness • Earth Systems • Chemistry • Biology • Financial Literacy • Digital Studies


* You may want to get a copy of your students’ transcripts to know exactly what classes to sign up for. Counselors are not available during the summer so you should do this before the school year ends.



Secondary Math 1 Remediation – This course is offered for credit recovery or acceleration. Students who failed a quarter or more of Secondary Math 1 should enroll in the specific quarter they failed. Students Entering 10th Grade –

Math Courses: 

  • ACT Math Preparation
  • Secondary Math 1 (Quarter Specific for Credit Recovery)
  • Secondary Math 2 (Full Year Course for Acceleration)
  • Secondary Math 3 (Full Year Course for Acceleration)

Science Courses:
* Only one full year math class may be taken during the summer.

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Marine Biology

Short Courses – No Credit Available for these courses

  • Robotics with NAO Robotics
  • Lego Mindstorm Robotics
  • Computer Programming

*Please visit the USTAR Math Website for dates/times/location and registration details.




UTAH STUDENTS CONNECT is a consortium of school districts including, Jordan School District, that provides courses through an online platform. is a great option for students to take online courses. Courses are offered for Original Credit and Make-Up Credit.
FORMAT: All coursework is online. A final test is required at an education location, generally at the JATC (Salt Lake Community College Campus at 9000 South and Bangerter).
COST: $45 per .25 credit
HOW TO REGISTER: If you are interested in taking online courses through, your counselor must register you for the class. Visit the UtahStudentsConnect website to decide if an online course would be a good fit for you. If you would like to register for an online course the necessary paperwork must be completed and signed by student and parent. You can download the paperwork here or get a copy from the counseling center. Return the paperwork to your OHMS counselor and they will register you for the course. You will receive instructions and communication via email for how to get started with your online learning.
**Please contact your counselor for necessary paperwork**



Students register and pick up a packet from the Northridge Learning Center in Salt Lake. Students will take the packet home and complete the packet. When the packet is finished they return it to the center and take a final exam.
FORMAT: Packet, learning materials, and assignments are given and expected to complete and turn in for a grade. A final exam is required at a testing location.
COST: $50 per .25 credit
ADDRESS: 3650 West 9800 South
HOW TO REGISTER: Contact Northridge Learning Center at 801-280-7760



FORMAT: Students have the option of an online class or a traditional packet format for these classes.
Students will complete the coursework and take a final exam at a proctor led testing center.


  • Paper Manual: 150 per .5 credit
  • Online: $140 per .5 credit
  • Instructor Guided: $243 per .5 credits
HOW TO REGISTER: visit – BYU Website, call 1-800-914-8931, or contact
ACT Code: 450461 RHS