College & Career Readiness





PCCR (Plan for College and Career Readiness) is a comprehensive program including:
  • activities
  • classroom presentations
  • assemblies
  • course selection
  • individual meetings

It is used to help guide your student in preparing for college and careers. This process begins in elementary school and continues through high school. Your 8th Grade PCCR meeting is an important part of this process and will help parents and students prepare.


The PCCR is designed to help students set goals, explore educational and occupational options and make plans for the future. The objective of this process is for the student to gain an understanding of how their education experience relates to future success. Counselors want students to gain a stronger personal understanding and develop skill sets that will aid them in obtaining a satisfying career. All students are involved in this process and spend time with counselors in group and individual settings to explore college and careers.  The PCCR process is as follows:


7th Grade: The PCCR process is in conjunction with the CTE Guidance and Career class. Students will participate in a variety of assessments and activities through the class. The experience culminates with a group PCCR meeting at the end of each quarter, which parents are invited to attend if interested. During this meeting we introduce the PCCR process, review the student’s assessments and answer questions.

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8th Grade: Counselors schedule an individual PCCR meeting with every student and parent to discuss the student’s career exploration, goals, interests, test results, high-school graduation requirements and opportunities that are available to our students during their school years. Counselors work with parents to schedule a meeting that allows all to attend.

Click here to review what the OHMS Counseling Program Provides to 8th Grade Students for college and career readiness


9th Grade: The PCCR process takes place throughout the year with all 9th grade students. Students have further opportunities to explore occupations and set goals for their future. Students participate in Reality Town, which is a program that helps students gain an understanding of the financial responsibilities of an adult, how to manage money and how their educational performance could impact their future success. Counselors also review high school graduation requirements.