9th Grade Registration

Key Points for 9th Grade Registration:


When you start 9th grade at OHMS You are officially in high school! The courses taken in 9th grade will count towards your high school graduation requirements.

  • Every 8th-grade student is invited to attend a PCCR (Plan for College and Career Readiness) meeting. These are individual meetings with your school counselor (parents were also invited and encouraged to attend). These meetings take place between November – February. During this meeting, a 4-Year Plan is created in Skyward (see “Career Plan” in Skyward). A 4-Year plan is customized to meet student goals and plans for high school. Refer to your 4-Year Plan when selecting courses.

9th Grade Students will register for: 

  • 1.0      Language Arts 9 or Language Arts 9 Honors
  • 1.0      Math (placement recommended by current math teacher)
  • 1.0      Earth Systems, Earth Systems Honors, Biology, or Biology Honors
  • 1.0      World Geography, World Geography Honors, or AP Human Geography
  • 0.5      Participation Skills and Techniques (PST, 9th Grade Gym) * Refer to note at bottom of the screen.
  • 2.5      Elective Classes –  All elective classes are listed in the far-right column of their registration card.


**1.0 indicates the course is a full-year course

**0.5 indicates the course if a semester/half-year course