8th Grade PCCR

In 8th grade, counselors meet with all students, and hopefully their parent, individually for a 30 minute appointment.


During the individual PCCR counselors will discuss:
* High school graduation requirements
* Advanced Placement (AP) credit
* Concurrent Enrollment
* The Jordan Applied Technology Center (JATC)
* Test Results
* School performance
* Create the student’s individual 4-Year Plan (courses the student plans to take in high school).


Making a plan early in your educational career is extremely beneficial because it allows you to take advantage of opportunities during high school. By making the most of your high school experiences you are setting yourself up with many options (high school programs, scholarships, college admittance) for after high school. There are many great opportunities available to students for college, career, and scholarships. Knowing the information early in your education years is very important.  Many programs, scholarships, and colleges require courses be taken and passed with certain GPA to be eligible. Knowing these things before signing up for your high school courses can mean the difference between getting into a program or college, being awarded a scholarship or NOT. Getting the information is pertinent and that is what the SEOP/PCCR meeting is all about.


As a school and counseling team, we strive to provide activities for students to explore college and career aspirations. These activities include, but are not limited to Reality Town, Career Day, and UtahFutures Lessons.