7th Grade Registration

Below are Key Points for 7th Grade Registration

All Students will register for:

  • 1.0            Language Arts
  • 1.0            Reading (Students on or above grade level will not be required to take reading *District Placed)
  • 1.0            Math
  • 1.0            Science
  • 1.0            CTE
  • 0.5            Fitness
  • 0.5            Utah Studies
  • 1.0 – 2.0   Elective Classes*


  • 1.0 indicates the course is a full-year course
  • .5 indicates the course if a semester/half-year course
  • Elective Classes are non-core classes that a student will choose from to complete their schedule
    • Elective classes are listed in the far-right column of the registration card
  • Reading Classes:
    • Students will have 1.5 electives if they are in a .5 reading class
    • Students will have 1.0 electives if they are in a 1.0 reading class
  • All students will register for 1.5 electives. If they are placed in a 1.0 Reading a .5 elective they have chosen will be dropped to adjust their schedule.

* If you are concerned regarding your students’ district Math or Reading placement please contact the district curriculum specialist.