7th Grade PCCR



OHMS counselors meet with all 7th grade students through the “Guidance” rotation of their CTE (Career and Technical Education) Class.  The counselors teach 6 CTE Career Development lessons to all 7th grade students. These lessons include:

  • #5 – Personality types and how they relate to career choice
  • #7 – Learning styles and how students can use them to study more effectively
  • #9 – Balancing life roles
  • #14 – Understanding group behaviors and attitudes
  • #18 – Making informed career choices
  • #19 – PCCR

These lessons prepare students for their final CTE lesson, their small group PCCR. This is when students will share with their parent what they have learned and discovered about themselves!

To see when your student will be receiving these lessons. Look at your student’s schedule to see which quarter they have CTE Guidance for their CTE rotation (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter). Then look at our counseling calendar to see what date they will be taught their counselor guided lessons.




7th Grade students will have an opportunity to “Job Shadow” someone in their desired career on Career Day March 8th. Students are excused from school this day and required to complete a Job Shadow write up or assignment.




7th grade students meet with their counselor individually during the 7th grade year. Students and Counselors will discuss what the students’ dreams and goals are for their future.  In addition to discussing future goals, students will discuss current classes and experiences that they are having in middle school. This individual meeting also gives counselors an opportunity to let students know what services the counseling center provides.