Daily Tracking Sheet


  • Provides students with more one on one help, support, and intervention
  • Holds students accountable on a daily basis
  • Provides structure, routine, consistency, and organization
  • Promotes self-responsibility
  • Improves students’ grades and accountability
  • Improves student buy-in
  • Increases student motivation and effort
  • Improves school/home communication


  • When students exhibit persistent behavior problems
  • When students are very unorganized
  • When students consistently fail to compete daily class/school requirements
  • When students exhibit persistent emotional difficulties, like frustration, anxiety, etc.
  • When students are defiant and oppositional


  • Utilize a daily behavior form, chart, or report card
  • Decide on the main problem behaviors and put these on the chart
  • Explain the procedure with the student
  • Have the student give the teacher the form every period so that the teachers can rate the student for each period, hour, etc in the areas you decide to put on the form or chart
  • Parent/guardian should review the form with the student nighly providing feedback
  • Depending on the form used, the student may use a new one every day or weekly.
  • Review the student’s daily behavior and marks with them in a productive manner, discussing how they felt they did, why, and what to change or do differently the next day, etc.
Example #1 Tracking Form



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