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Parent University is the second part of our three-part series which includes the topics of JSD graduation requirements, honors/AP course offerings, and career pathways.

Fall 2017- Parent University PPT


Winter 2018 Parent University PPT



 How do I register for classes? 
– During the Spring we prepare for the upcoming school year by having students register for their classes for the following year. Students receive instructions during an assembly and are given a registration card to fill out and return. Students follow the directions on the card and select from the options available. Once completed and signed by the student and parent the registration card is turned in for processing.
– If you are currently attending OHMS you should have received your registration card in your TA class by mid-February.  –  If you are planning to attend OHMS next year and are currently a 6th grade student at a feeding elementary school (Rosamond, Riverton, and Southland) you should have picked up a registration card at the parent evening on Jan. 25th. If you were unable to attend the parent meeting, registration cards were sent to your elementary school to be handed and sent home with your student.
If you did not receive one or may have lost your card (What?!? That would NEVER happen!) come to the counseling center to get a new one or on the counseling center website. 
When will I get my schedule? 
– Students will receive their schedules a few weeks before school starts in August in Skyward
Do I need a teacher’s signature to register for classes? 
– Yes & No. Classes with a _____ next to the course name are required to be signed by the teacher who instructs that course or current teacher.
How will I make sure I registered for the correct classes? 
– The way the registration card is laid out, students will automatically be placed in required courses (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Healthy Lifestyles). There are different *required* courses for each grade level. Select the grade level below for more information.

7th Grade Registration                               8th Grade Registration


9th Grade Registration                               10th Grade Registration

– During your 8th and 9th Grade SEOP/PCCR, a “4-Year Plan” was/will be discussed and created for you. If you do not have a copy of your 4-year plan or would like to discuss any changes you have to your 4-year plan, you can log into Skyward and look under “career Plan”. This will allow you to make changes to your plan. If you still have questions please speak with your counselor.


Can I change my schedule? 
– Only necessary class changes are made. If you feel that there may be something wrong or incorrect with your schedule (i.e.a core/required class is missing, no class is assigned a period, in an incorrect grade level course), please contact your counselor or to get the schedule change form HERE.

Can I change my class period to be with my friend? 
– No. Only necessary class changes are made.

Can I change my class period to have a different lunch? 
– No. Only necessary class changes are made.

Can I change my class because I like another teacher better? 
– No. Only necessary class changes are made.

Where do I turn in my peer tutoring or student aide application?
– Staple them to your registration card or bring them to the counseling center. Applications are below.

Does music count as an elective?
-Yes. Music does count as one of your full-year electives. This means that if you take a full year music class then you will also take two-semester elective classes.

Does a foreign language count as an elective?
-Yes. A foreign language does count as a full-year elective.

Do I have to take a reading class?
-For information about reading placement please see your ELA/English teacher.

What if I am not coming to OHMS next year?
-Please fill out the registration forms anyway. This is so that we have your class selections in case something changes. Also, contact the school you will be attending to find out their procedures for choosing classes for the upcoming school year.

What do I need to do if I want to opt-out of a class?
-Please talk to your counselor if you want more information on opting out of a class.

As a 9th grader can I opt-out of a class?
-No. As a 9th grader, you cannot opt-out of a required course. High school grade graduation requirements can be found Here.

Where do I find out more information about taking a summer class?
-Please talk to your counselor to find out about taking summer classes. Utah Students Connect for the upcoming school year will be available at the beginning of May.

When is online summer class information available?
-Online summer course is available in May. Applications are below. Please see your counselor for more information and to turn in the application.


I want to take honors classes, what do I need to do?

-All honors classes are self-selected (no application is necessary).  Speak with your classroom teacher and your counselor to help determine if taking an honors class is right for you.


What classes meet the Digital Studies Requirement?

-Exploring Computer Science, Business Office Specialist, Computer Programming, AP Computer Science, and Web Development


What courses are offered online?

-Courses that are offered online thru Utah Students Connect Utah Students Connect


Where can I find more information about the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers?

-More information about the JATC  JATC



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