9th Grade Registration

All 8th Grade students will attend a registration assembly late January or early February to receive instructions that explain how to register for 9th Grade.


Key Points for 9th Grade Registration:

  • You are officially in High School! The courses you select to take as a ninth grade student will begin counting towards high school graduation requirements.
  • Every 8th grade student has had a PCCR/SEOP (Student Education Occupation Plan/Personal College and Career Readiness) meeting. These are individual meetings with your counselor (parents were invited and encouraged to attend). These meetings took place between November – February. During this meeting, a 4-Year Plan was created. A 4-Year plan was customized to meet student goals and plans for high school. Refer to your 4-Year Plan when selecting courses.
  • 1.0 indicates the course is a full-year course
  • 0.5 indicates the course if a semester/half-year course


9th Grade Students will register for: 

  • 1.0      Language Arts 9 or Language Arts 9 Honors (must complete an application)
  • 1.0      Math (placement recommended by current math teacher)
  • 1.0      Earth Systems, Earth Systems Honors or Biology Honors (Biology is by application only)
  • 1.0      Geography for Life or Geography for Life Honors  or  AP Human Geography (self-selected)
  • 0.5      PST (9th Grade Gym) * Refer to note at bottom of the screen.
  • 2.5      Elective Classes –  All elective classes are listed in the far-right column of their registration card.

9th Grade ALPS Students will register for:  

  • 1.0    Language Arts 10 Honors
  • 1.0     Math (Students are required to get a signature from their math teacher to be placed for next year.)
  • 1.0     Biology ALPS
  • 1.0     Geography for Life Honors or AP Human Geography (self-selected)
  • .5        PST (9th Grade Gym)
  • 2.5      Elective Classes



JSD High School Graduation Requirements and Planning Guide   Course Descriptions         

9th Grade Registration Card            9th Grade ALPS Registration Card

9th Grade Biology Honors Application            9th Grade ELA Honors Application           

8th and 9th Grade Peer Tutoring Application            8th and 9th Grade Student Aide Application


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