8th Grade Registration

All current 7th grade students will attend a registration assembly in late January or early February.  This assembly will give 7th grade students instructions on how to register for 8th grade. For more information or instructions, please see the below PowerPoint.

Key Points for 8th Grade Registration:

  • indicates the course is a full-year course
  • .5 indicates the course if a semester/half-year course

ALL Students will register for: 

  • 1.0      Language Arts 8
  • 1.0      Reading* (Students may be eligible to waive Reading, refer to powerpoint for details)
  • 1.0      Math 1
  • 1.0      Science
  • 1.0      U.S. History
  • .5        Fitness
  • .5        Health
  • 1.0      Elective Classes

* Students who qualify to waive Reading can begin a Foreign Language, select the Exploring Literature course, or make an appointment to speak with their counselor to discuss options.

ALPS Students will register for:

  • 1.0      ALPS Language Arts 8
  • 1.0      2nd Year of Foreign Language
  • 1.0      ALPS Science
  • 1.0      ALPS U.S. History
  • .5        Fitness
  • .5        Health
  • 1.0      Elective Classes


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