8th Grade PCCRs

8th Grade PCCR 2020-2021 In 8th grade, counselors meet with all students and parents/guardians to discuss the student's educational goals.  Due t

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8th Grade PCCR 2020-2021

In 8th grade, counselors meet with all students and parents/guardians to discuss the student’s educational goals.  Due to the pandemic meetings will be held via Zoom and will last approximately 15 minutes.   If the student is at OHMS during the meeting time then they will participate in while in the counselor’s office while the parent participates via Zoom. These meetings are typically held during the school day, however, evening appointments may be available.

Instructions to schedule a PCCR


Making a plan early in your educational career is extremely beneficial because it allows you to take advantage of opportunities during high school. By making the most of your high school experiences you are setting yourself up with many options (high school programs, scholarships, college admittance, etc) for after high school. There are many great opportunities available to students for college, career, and scholarships.  Many programs, scholarships, and colleges require courses to be taken and passed with a certain GPA to be eligible. Knowing these things before signing up for your high school courses can mean the difference between getting into a program or college, being awarded a scholarship, or NOT. The PCCR process will help with this process. Below you will find a variety of resources that will help with this process.


PCCR Booklet includes information about…

  • Counselor Contact information
  • How to get help
  • Skyward
  • High school graduation requirements
  • Advanced Placement (AP) credit
  • Concurrent Enrollment
  • The Jordan Applied Technology Center (JATC)
  • Scholarship Resources
  • Career and College Exploration
  • CTE Pathways
  • Health and Wellness Resources
  • 4-Year Plan (courses the student plans to take in high school).
8th Grade PCCR Booklet 2020-2021




Employability Skills Resources:

UEN Workplace Skills         Developing your workplace skills     Utah DWS Smart Start

UT Employment Workbook   Essential Job Skills


Other Resources:

SMART Goals         JSD High School Graduation Requirements         JSD Health & Wellness

Digital Studies Requirement         JSD Course Catalog           JATC Information



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