7th Grade Registration

During the 7th grade registration assembly for students and parents, the attached powerpoint was presented. Feel free to review the powerpoint for your reference

Below are Key Points for 7th Grade Registration

All Students will register for:

  • 1.0            Language Arts
  • 1.0            Reading (Students on or above grade level will not be required to take reading *District Placed
  • 1.0            Math
  • 1.0            Science
  • 1.0            CTE
  • 0.5            Fitness
  • 0.5            Utah Studies
  • 1.0 – 2.0   Elective Classes*


  • 1.0 indicates the course is a full-year course
  • .5 indicates the course if a semester/half-year course
  • Elective Classes are non-core classes that a student will choose from to complete their schedule
    • Elective classes are listed in the far-right column of the registration card
  • Reading Classes:
    • Students will have 1.5 electives if they are in a .5 reading class
    • Students will have 1.0 electives if they are in a 1.0 reading class
  • All students will register for 1.5 electives. If they are placed in a 1.0 Reading a .5 elective they have chosen will be dropped to adjust their schedule.

* If you are concerned regarding your students’ district Math or Reading placement please contact the district curriculum specialist.




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