10th Grade Registration

10th Grade Registration @ Riverton High School

2020-2021 RHS Registration Timeline 

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Riverton High School will hold a Sophomore Orientation Evening that all incoming 10th grade students should attend. This meeting will give instructions to students on how the registration process works at Riverton High School and how to do Arena Scheduling. Who: All current 9th Grade students planning on attending Riverton as a 10th Grade StudentWhat: The first portion of the meeting will give general registration instructions. Stay after the general session to get more information on Honors and Advanced classes offered and scholarships.

* Please plan on attending one of the evenings. Where: Riverton High School*Remember that RHS registration is arena scheduling. This means students can handpick their classes/ teachers/periods. Make sure you know how to register because classes fill up quickly!

USE THIS LINK to access Riverton High School Arena Scheduling Page 



  1. Go to the www.rivertonhigh.org homepage
  2. Select “Arena Scheduling Information” button
  3. Select “Arena Scheduling Worksheet” button
  4. Print worksheet
  5. Now select the “Master Schedule/Teacher Schedule” button
  6. Use the student pre-registration form and Master Schedule/Teacher Schedule 2018-2019 to
    plan student schedule by selecting classes, teachers, and periods of instruction

Review the Arena Scheduling Tutorial program and PowerPoint available at www.rivertonhigh.org/arena-scheduling


Log into Skyward “Family Access” following these steps:

  1. Go to the Riverton website
  2. Scroll down the left side of the page
  3. Click on “Skyward”
  4. Enter username and password
  5. Click on “Arena Scheduling”
    • Make certain that log in and password work
    • Make certain that you can select your student and “Riverton High School” at the top of the screen
    • Make certain that you see the “Arena Scheduling” link on the left-hand column
    • Click on “Arena Scheduling” and practice finding all of the courses that you will be requesting


  • Students should check for any pre-requisite classes before setting up their schedules.
  • If the pre-requisite class requirement has not been fulfilled, that class may be deleted from the student’s schedule.
  • The Course Master Schedule will be changing throughout the summer as we make adjustments based on student demand and teacher availability. This may require adjustments to students’ schedules as well.
  • RHS will communicate any changes in the Course Master Schedule through e-mails, Sky Alerts, and on RHS’s homepage at www.rivertonhigh.org.
  • It is in the best interest of students and parents to make certain that you are familiar with the scheduling process, and that you have your schedule prepared and ready to enter prior to accessing the Skyward Arena Scheduling software.
  • When the window opens, many classes will fill quickly and students will need to be prepared to select other options.
  • Students and parents should select their most preferred classes and teachers first in order to maximize desired opportunities.
  • Enrollment caps will determine the number of students that are allowed to enroll in classes.
  • All eight periods for first and second semesters must be filled in.
  • There will be future opportunities to adjust schedules online during June and prior to each semester.
  • For those students who live outside of the established Riverton High School boundary and plan to attend Riverton High School during the 2018-2019 school year, there must be a permit completed and on file in the Riverton High School Attendance Office prior to having access to the Skyward class scheduling software program.
  • Permits are available at the Riverton High School Attendance Office.
  • It is in the best interest of parents and students planning to attend Riverton High School to complete these permits as quickly as possible to ensure the greatest opportunity for class selections.
  • If there are questions or concerns, please contact your RHS counselor for clarification.
  • Schedules need to be planned by students according to their individual educational and career goals.
  • Students need to thoroughly survey class opportunities and select those classes that not only fulfill minimum graduation requirements but also prepare them for maximum future opportunities.
  • Please understand that counselor time is limited due to large numbers of students. S
  • tudents and parents attending the orientation meetings, mapping out prospective student schedules, and previewing the software program may not need additional assistance.

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